Covid-19 Relief Sale

The last 12 months have been hard on everyone. CBD offers a natural and safe form of relief from inflammation due to stress. We believe it can help everyone, including your pets. We’re all in this together.

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Prebiotic CBD Infused Pet Products

Full Spectrum Nano-Amplified CBD and Prebiotic for healthy coat and skin

Ink Bomb After Care

Skin Care

This Healing Spray and Wash infused with CBD and Prebiotics helps heal skin and avoid infection



Pharmacist Formulated Nano-Amplified Full Spectrum CBD Sublingual Tinctures


Sports Recovery

Pharmacist formulated CBD Infused Sports Recovery Products


Edibles & Supplements

CBD Infused gummies and vitamins

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CBD Infused Topicals

Nano-Amplified, Full Spectrum CBD Infused Topicals impart instant relief for sore joints and muscles

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Lyf Products Infused with CBD

The hemp plant has been used for centuries in India. Atherveda and Ayurveda hail the plant as sacred and medicinal. It is used as a source of fiber, food, oil and medicine and for recreational & spiritual purposes.


We at Lyf Products value the hemp plant for its healing properties such as being a natural anti-inflammatory, and analgesic and when paired with Prebiotics it is  unparalleled at healing the skin.

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