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Companion Spray promotes the recovery and repair of damaged skin as well as maintain your pets healthy coat.

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Great for Problem areas such as Hot Spots, Dandruff, rashes and more. Our all natural product takes a biological approach to your companions natural healing using Prebiotics: nutrient rich superfoods that feed beneficial bacteria naturally found on the skin. This alkaloid-based biostimulant works at a cellular level to balance your pets pH, repair damaged skin cells & maintain a healthy coat. This natural process accelerates your companions natural healing & skin rejuvenation without the use of harsh chemicals,dyes or fragrances.Infused with nano full spectrum hemp, Lyf Companion Spray combines the natural healing powers of cannabis with our powerful prebiotic formula.

-Balances pH and maintains a healthy coat
-Natural formula is perfect for all skin types especially those with skin conditions and allergies
-Soothes and repairs skin due to allergic dermatitis, rashes, hot spots, mange, abnormal shedding, ringworm, -dandruff, impetigo, bacterial folliculitis, yeast infection and more
-100% All Natural & Organic
-Made in the USA
-Non-toxic, non-GMO, sulfate & sulfite free, free of all parabens, dyes, & artificial fragrances

Directions for use: Shake well before each use. Mist 2-3 times daily to promote Healthy Skin & Coat or directly to problemed areas to accelerate healing.

Ingredients: Aqua, Coconut Oil, Aloe, Kelp, Citric Acid, CBD Infused

A few Natural and organic ingredients that work together to balance pH and act as emollients for your pets skin & coat. Each ingredient works in a positive manner with your companions bio-system to cleanse the skin and aid in skin restoration by including natural healing agents that accelerate healing and repair the skin.

Organic Sea Kelp – Contains minerals, vitamins, and nutritive qualities that stimulate metabolism and strengthen the body.
Saponified Organic Coconut Oil – Softens skin & protects it from damage. Brings temporary relief & aids in healing. Organic Aloe Vera – Improves hydration, soothes and reduces skin inflammation

Citric Acid – Derived from citrus fruits, This antioxidant is used as a preservative and to adjust acid-alkali balance. Nano Amplified Cannabidiol – Rich with vitamins, minerals, proteins, & fatty acids that promote rapid healing and encourage skin repair.


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